Business Enhancer [Package]

Improve your company’s branding and marking image today!

» Logo Design and Branding Strategy:
Let our group create a new logo design and assist in the placement and branding of this new image for your company.
Business Card 1_Blank

» Branded Business Card/Letterhead:
After your logo is designed we can assist in branding your company’s business cards and develop strategies to get your name out in the public.

» Profile Video:
Add personality to your campaign with interviews, information, and excitement! (Approximately 60-90 seconds)

» Photography:
Photos are a must when promoting a business. A picture is worth a thousand words, or in this case, a thousand customers.

» Menu or Brochure layout and Design:
Add the finishing touches to your Company or restaurant by creating practical menus or brochures that intrigue customers.

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