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Tourism and Expedition Marketing

One unique approach that Rockit Projects, Inc. has taken over the years is true mobility. Being able to capture video and photography in remote locations and harsh conditions makes it possible to market industries that would otherwise suffer without.With our experiences in international field production we are able to market expeditions, travel groups, and tours in a whole new way!

Rockit Projects, Inc. can create customized media packages that showcase the uniqueness of your adventure by utilizing state of the art video and photography techniques. Some examples of elements added to excursion projects include under-water video, Point-of-View Rainforest zip lining , trail hiking, and rock climbing. Let US capture the moment as it happens!

 Take your marketing strategies to the next level by combining the RP Excursion Team with the Mobile Social Marketing Team (MOSO). This social networking team sends updates to your Fans and Followers on a daily basis. Whether stationed in a hotel room, or trucking along in the mobile command center, this team uploads photos, videos, and updates to the rest of the world!

Each project is unique and will be developed according to the conditions.The clients’ final product will be a set of deliverables assigned in the pre-production stages. These end products can range from a set of webisode videos, to photography prints, to a documentary of the excursion, or even ads generated from the material collected. There are endless creative possibilities!

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