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Capsule Creative offers full service multimedia marketing consultation. As businesses look to “expand the brand”, Capsule Creative provides a unique perspective while working directly with the client.

About Creative Consultant Pasquale Iannino

As President and Creative Director of Rockit Projects, Inc. I have had the opportunity to work with clients all across the globe who are looking to utilize video as a means of marketing communication. Over the past 7 years I have seen the rise of digital video, as this new marketing tool had taken shape before our eyes. I have followed the trends of social integration as another means of online distribution. As technologies developed, and new online platforms were being introduced, the need to integrate video was eminent. As a result many platforms are currently applying video in one form or another to their websites, be it social or promotional.

With my expertise in video production and creative marketing, I am able to assist anyone, from business owners to brand developers, in the ever advancing world of digital marketing. As an award winning video producer, I have the proven ability to enhance a clients online presence while integrating their message in a truly creative way.

My ultimate goal is to help clients see the potential of multi-media integration as a complement to their current marketing strategies. By doing so, my clients will launch their brand with 21st century style, and continue to grow into this new millennium.

“We guide clients into developing content with purpose, in order to deliver a particular message.”



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