CD One Price Cleaners

It’s obvious.  The era of original branded content is here.  “We’ve got goosebumps,” said Pasquale Iannino, President of Rockit Projects, Inc.  “Working with a well-known, growing client like CD One Price Cleaners and creating brand awareness through three entertaining videos is a great opportunity.”

CD One Price Cleaners envisioned content that is original, humorous and shareable.  By working with creatives from Cates Collaborative, a Chicago based creative agency, a character named Gail Buttons emerged. Gail is a “wear-apist” who uses her expertise to guide everyday people with their clothing issues.  She educates them about the convenient services CD One Price Cleaners offers.  In each video, Gail Buttons meets the clients, at home, in their closets and bedrooms and offers advice regarding stains, storage and proper garment care in a humorous and informative way.  “They wanted to produce videos that would engage an audience to want more,” notes Iannino.   CD One Price Cleaners wants to extend their brand to a wider audience, as well as implement more cleaning facilities throughout the Midwest and eventually the nation. “The ability to work with a clean slate gave us flexibility in our creative approach and allowed us to create a product that has lasting potential,” said Iannino.

The videos can be seen on the CD One Price Cleaners Youtube page, website and through their social media.  Rockit has also edited down three separate 15 second videos to play as online advertising for the company. Recently launched, these videos are begging to gain steam, no pun intended, and rock the world of an otherwise dry industry! “It’s rewarding to work creatively with a client that’s willing to challenge the norms in their industry. We’ve helped CD One Price Cleaners reach their customer in a fresh and entertaining way through video,” said Patrick Loughman, Producer for Rockit Projects.  Even CD One Price Cleaner’s VP of Marketing, John Morocco, could not hold back his enthusiasm. “Thanks to Rockit, our new video campaign results are off the charts. I would sum up my experience so far as great results, with both high integrity and creativity. I highly recommend Rockit and would be willing to provide a verbal recommendation.”


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