AOL Uses Rockit Projects, Inc. for Video Services

AOL has recently launched and continues to launch, a new platform for local news, entertainment, and sports in almost every town in Illinois. This series of new web-sites entitled “Patch” is bringing news to the community in an online format, making it more interactive than traditional news applications.

With each Patch site comes a local Patch editor, and with each editor comes a profile video explaining that specific site, who they are, and what Patch aims to provide. This is where Rockit Projects, Inc. comes in. With so many sites popping up every week and so many videos to be made, AOL has chosen RP as one of it’s main go-to film crews to create these one-of-a-kind videos at an extremely fast turn-around time.

With over 20 videos already created and many more booking up quickly, Rockit Projects Inc. has truly made an impression with this AOL team. “These videos, yet only 2-3 minutes in length, provide an essential  element to the Patch community” says RP founder and creative director Pasquale Iannino. ” They show the personalty of the patch editor and also inform the community on how they can contribute to the site.”

As AOL continues to push on this PATCH platform, Rockit Projects Inc. will relentlessly travel about Illinois creating video content as one of AOL’s most utilized mobile production companies.

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  1. Erik

    medi می‌گه patch 2.2 rO baraye aivalvnbar nasb kardam vali vaqti mikham bazi rO ejra kOnam bazi ejra nemishe.mige PES 2013 nasb nist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in che errOrie akhe!!! kOllan bazi parid age mitunid rahnamaei kOnid lOtfan.mamnOon

  2. Hendri

    well, it’s not just a matter of reslaeing the data or not. Is it even kosher to *keep* it in the first place?Part of our work is redirecting search engine traffic after capturing ad and search term data. We get quite a few GB of logs per day. The logs are processed for specific information, aggregated before it even reaches our databases. Then the aggregations are used for ROI, SEO, etcetc. But for “legal reasons”, we must keep the original logs for a number of years. Got heaps of TBs of those, all compressed and safely stashed away. Only had to pull out one log once from 6 months before, to resolve an issue with a client who claimed we hadn’t got their traffic.But like I did, so can others. And that worries me. One thing is to confirm data for a client, another totally different one is to data-mine the logs. And that is exactly what is going to be done with the AOL logs…

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