Creative Branding for TOMY Baby Products!

Over the passed few months TOMY toy company and Chicago creative agency Cates Collaborative have utilized multiple mediums to showcase their newest parents Frank and Hope, as well as their two adorable children Chance and Joy. This creative campaign worked its way from the creatives to our media production services here at Rockit Projects. By creating make-believe characters and scenarios, Frank, Hope, and the family have begun popping up all over the web as a way to introduce “The First Years” brand to the world!

Rockit Projects Inc. was hired to create a series of photographs that have been used to reinforce this creative online push. We captured the characters in many different scenarios that showcase new products as well as #Hashtags to introduce to social media. This unique advertising technique has built the brand of TOMY First Years as a truly engaging fashion that can now be seem on all their social networking sites as well as ecommerce sites like Amazon and Walmart. We look forward to continuing to build the visual story of these characters and watching them grow!


Frank and Hope 1 Frank and Hope 2 Frank and Hope 3 Frank and Hope 4 Frank and Hope 5 Frank and Hope 6 Frank and Hope 7 Frank and Hope 8
Frank and Hope 10